The Start Of A New Year

 Happy New Year to you all...

We have all eaten and drunk too much over the last couple of weeks but now is the time to start a fresh!

I know it's still dark in the morning and the evenings when we arrive home yet I'm sure we can try to improve our mood.

I was listening to a lady online the other day and she suggested a few things that may lift our mood in the mornings.

Try and get up, say, half an hour earlier in the morning and just enjoy the quiet before the rest of the house emerges. Make a cuppa and then light a scented candle and sit and enjoy the peace and quiet while you sip your warm drink. I have tried it and it really does work.

Best Free Scented Candles photoshoot Thoughts | Candles photography ...

Also, as we have taken the decorations down inside and out and it looks very bare and lifeless, I suggest leaving the clear/white twinkling lights up around the garden. It gives a lovely warm glow as you awake and on arriving home from work. It does make you feel better!

Image result for free photos of clear twinkling lights on trees

One thing that makes me feel better in these dark days of mid-winter are potted bulbs. Why not plant some bulbs in a lovey container and watch them grow. In a few weeks they grow so much you will be amazed! My favourites are Paper Whites and Hyacinth bulbs both look fabulous and smell divine.

 Paperwhites In Bloom | Bulb flowers, Planting bulbs, Indoor flowers


Hyacinth - garden plant and indoor plant

If you try these simple things, I promise they will make you feel better.

Karen x