Mixing Antiques With Modern Pieces

Here at Charlotte Rose, we sell a combination of antiques, vintage as well as new and bespoke furniture and accessories for the home.

In doing so we feel this gives our customer a better choice in creating a home that looks and feels as though it has come together over time.

The most liveable interiors, we feel, are those that don't look as though they are from one particular era.

Antique and modern furniture can compliment one another perfectly if they are combined correctly.

For instance, you could have a lovely Victorian console table with a beautiful new porcelain lamp adorning it and a new modern mirror above. 

Just because you live in a modern home it does not mean you cannot have both antique and modern furniture and accessories.

If you wish to create a fabulous impact, in a modern home, with an antique piece of furniture, then go all out with a large-scale statement piece such as a large farmhouse table or a large oak armoire or even a huge chest of drawers. Then build the rest of your scheme around them incorporating old and new.

So, don't be afraid to experiment with modern and antique pieces in your home after all it's your home no one else's!