Keeping cosy in the Autumn/Winter months

Here at Charlotte Rose we love the autumn and winter months.

Keeping warm and cosy is the key to loving this time of year. We need to cocoon ourselves in our home with the things we love the most.

Homes with lots of character to begin with may seem easier to create a warm and homely feel but you have to be careful not to over clutter the space especially if the rooms are small with beams. The use of autumnal colours also helps with creating the correct mood. Such as amber, mulberry, greens and muted tones. 

There again a large contemporary property also has its challenges. Here you have to add the character with throws, tactile cushions, candles, foliage etc. Add baskets with cones and even hide the accessories away when not in use in large baskets. Choose colours that are natural to your rooms scheme and then add accents of colour that make the room feel cosier than before.

By just adding a rug in front of the fire or a fur throw on the sofa can make the room feel instantly cosy.

Karen x